A school is a place where many useful things are taught. If the lesson is interesting, attention will be on a higher level. One of the most interesting things is learning through science experiments. The science is a system of knowledge about the world that surrounds us. So, it is very important that children in school have a touch with scientific experiments, which would not be possible without certain supplies. These are most commonly used :

Generally, there are three types of containers: beakers, flasks, cylinders. 

It depends what kind of experiment it is, but you would probably need one of them.All this kind of glasses is used for liquidity. They have a scale and you can find them in different sizes. The difference between them will help you understand how they are used. 

Test tubes- you probably are familiar with test tubes in most movies about labs and you should have the test tube rack for keeping them. The test tubes are where we do small reactions. And if we want to hold a test tube, we are going to use a very specific piece of equipment called test tube holder. When you squeeze it together, the jaws open and you can put your test tube inside and you can hold it securely without having to touch the glass in case there is something hot, or if we want to put it into a flame and heat it. 

Something that people get confused with the test tube holder and the test tube rack is crucible tongs and they have a very unusual end to them. They are not used to pick up test tubes. They are used to pick up things that are very hot. Crucible tong was originally invented to hold crucible, and that is small porcelain cup and inside that cup, we can do some heating. And that crucible tong was designed to allow the crucible to get in that space. 

Beaker tongs- they are used to pick up hot beakers, especially if a beaker is a little bit larger and full of boiling water. It is going to be very heavy and hard to lift with crucible tongs so we use beaker tongs 

Bunsen burner- we heat things with Bunsen burner. One end of the hose gets hooked up to the gas and we light the tip.We turn on the gas and we get a nice flame 

Ring stand- it has his little platform base. We can often put our Bunsen burner directly on there and then we can set something to the stand itself- Iron ring 

Then, we can use Wire gauze with the circle in the center that allows us to heat evenly. Put the wire gauze on the top of the iron ring and you will get a very nice little cooktop and then put your beaker on them and you can heat it nicely. 

Clay triangle- it holds the crucible right in place 

Sparker – it creates a little spark and you can light the Bunsen burner again. 

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