What better combination can you think of besides the coolest of the cool: dinosaurs AND space!?

Orion Center’s DinoSpace Adventure is a unique combination of science center and theme park with serious exhibits for adults and fun activities for kids. It showcases hands-on science activities, intriguing exhibits, good science and family fun. In addition to a science center for museum visitors, we offer rewarding opportunities for volunteers and mentoring experiences for young people.

There are a ton of dinosaur themed exhibits plus highly educational learning centers that feature space and planets, both near and far.

Start in the science center featuring hands-on activities and educational exhibits where you can learn about science and nature, design and evolution, history and mystery. Then take what you’ve learned to our outdoor fun park launching balls from trebuchets, riding zip lines and pretending that your technology can prevail in the land of dinosaurs. The great beasts have size and teeth and claws…but you have scientific knowledge and technology to defend the village. Your array of weapons, learned from history, range from slingshots to guided missiles. Fun for the entire family.

In reality, science is not a thing, but rather a method of investigation. The scientific method is to make a hypothesis (an idea about how something works) and then arrange tests of the hypothesis to determine if experiments confirm the idea. The hypothesis is adjusted as needed and then retested. There is nothing in the scientific method that dictates what ideas can and cannot be tested.

We will be keeping regular blogs on our newest exhibits, since they are always changing. For now, to keep you busy, enjoy this video about the top 10 dinosaur movies!

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